Brown Iron Brewhouse in Royal Oak, Michigan opened their doors on March 1, 2020. On March 16, 2020, they were abruptly shutdown by the executive orders of Michigan as a result of the Global Pandemic. During the shutdown, they were able to offer their customers carry-out only. This went on for 3 months as they tried to just keep their business alive.

Wendy Pulaski, General Manager of Brown Iron Brewhouse in Royal, was gracious enough to speak with us about their business. She went into detail about what changes they have made to accomodate all of the Covid rule changes. She explained that the owner came up with a brilliant idea to convert the restaurant area into a marketplace (since retail is allowed to remain open). In the market area, they are selling their rare craft beers, appareal and glassware. Wendy stated that they have an outside dining patio with 7 tables, which seat parties of 6 or less and heaters. They are currently offering their growlers and family style meals, curbside carry-out, free delivery and ordering through DoorDash.

Wendy shared that a significant amount of time and money went into training her staff with new Covid protocols and believed they were successful in implementing them as the restaurant industry would be scrutinized the most. In order for Brown Iron Brewhouse to make a profit, they really need to be at a 100% capacity. They are treading water at a 50% capacity and even less now that they are only allowed carry-out and outside dining. They are hoping that the lockdown will end soon and they'll be back to 50% or better yet, 100% capacity.

This is a very difficult time, not only for Brown Iron Brewhouse and it's staff but the industry as a whole. When asked what she hoped for when the lockdown is lifted, Wendy shared that she hoped for kindness. When her staff returned from the 3 month initial shutdown, there were many customers that took their frustration with the pandemic out on the staff.

The Michigan Lodging and Restaurant Association states that slightly more than 4 percent of all COVID cases in the state can be traced back to restaurants. Two thousand restaurants have already permanently closed in Michigan, which has put thousands of Americans out of work. According to statistics, with this "pause" being more than 3 weeks, another 4,000 restaurants will be closed permanently.

In the end, Brown Iron Brewhouse is not a corporation, their staff is like their family and they don't want to see any of them hurting.

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